• It is not only a favorite flavor, it is one of my favorite words in Spanish.  I love the way CHO-KO-LAH-TAY rolls off the tongue and the edge of my teeth. The word even sounds delicious.
  • A Chocolate Memory: Homemade fudge and popcorn on cold Sunday afternoons when growing up in Michigan.
  • A Chocolate Story: My friend Kit, a devout lover of all things chocolate, once ordered a large scoop of chocolate ice cream atop a warm chocolate brownie crowned in hot fudge syrup. With about a quarter of the calorie-laden concoction remaining in the bottom of her bowl, she finally admitted it is possible to have too much chocolate.
  • I’m intrigued by the color of Hershey’s candy bar wrappers. I’ve never seen chocolate in exactly that color of maroonish brown.
  • I could never stay on a diet that did not include at least a little bit of chocolate.
  • I like the color chocolate with sea glass green. Ah, the feel of chocolate suede, thick chocolate towels and a cushy chocolate bath mat.
  • Start every day with a spoonful of chocolate in your morning coffee. Two flavors all at once, oohla!

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