Chocolate Pets

Friend Dottie asked how I would include animals in a blog about flavors. I had just begun thinking about chocolate animals when Carlos’ great-niece posted a picture of her sister’s chocolate labradoodle on Facebook. One-year-old Remi lives in California, where he is the lovable companion of Lorren who is in graduate school there.

Chocolate has an easy tie-in to animals if you think about color. Just think of pets you have had or known named Cocoa. While I personally never had a dog or cat with that name, it’s a fairly common one for a furry brown pet.

DOGS: For starters, check out chocolate labrador, chocolate poodle and chocolate dachshund. While chocolate dogs are brown, I don’t think all brown dogs can be called chocolate. I think they must be a certain rich brown color.

CATS: In addition to chocolate-tipped Siamese, check out the luscious Havanese breed, possibly named because its color resembles an Havana cigar.

BUNNIES (not the candy variety): I probably saw my first ones, the floppy-eared kind, many years ago at the Ionia County Free Fair in Michigan. I also remember a friendly one in a gift shop in Breckenridge, Colorado. He and my friend Pat hit it off immediately.

Have a chocolate pet story? Feel free to share it below.


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