Cocoa Beach

Where did the Florida city associated with the Space Program get its chocolate name?

One story is of an old woman who lived on the banks of the Indian River. As sailors approached her house they would call out “Cocoa! Cocoa!” until she came out and served them hot chocolate.

Another story says when townspeople were looking to name their community, a woman showed up at the meeting with a box of Baker’s Cocoa. (Nothing unusual about that.) Could it have been the same woman who served hot chocolate to the sailors on the banks of the Indian River? Who knows? Anyway, some people credit the woman with the box of Baker’s Cocoa for suggesting the city’s name.

Whether either of these stories has merit may be debatable, but they certainly offer more “delicious” accounts than the naming of most cities. So far Cocoa Beach is the only city I’ve found with a name associated with chocolate.


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