Is anybody out there named Ginger Lee? I have a reason for asking.

You see, a long time ago one of my writing teachers cautioned me against using the word “gingerly” to describe an action, such as “He gingerly opened the envelope,” or “She walked gingerly across the room.” Years before that another teacher deducted points for every “very” found in my writing. I’ve never forgotten those “rules,” and  have abided by them as if they were written in stone tablets. I think it is time to break the rules as I begin another flavorful month of blogging. Of course, breaking any rules must be done VERY GINGERLY! There, I’ve said it.

So, here’s a preview of some possible gingerly topics you may find here in June: Ginger ale and its tie to Michigan, a gingerbread recipe with lemon sauce, cheap gingersnaps from a Dollar store, my mother-in-law’s ginger tea, the fragrance of white ginger, in search of ginger soap, and people and pets named Ginger. And, please, if you know someone named Ginger Lee, let me know.


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