Deliciously different

What does Vernors Ginger Soda have in common with cornflakes, the auto industry and me? All were born in Michigan!

Growing up in the Wolverine state, I liked the way Vernors’ bubbles tickled my nose. My sister says they stung. I liked the strong ginger flavor. My sis strongly disagreed. For me Vernors was a refreshing fountain drink to be enjoyed ice cold on a hot day at the Ionia County Free Fair. My sister remembers it more like a medicine that Grandma Allen kept in her refrigerator. (Ginger is supposed to settle the stomach.)

Whatever your experience with Vernors, I think you either loved it or hated it. What I hate is the new recipe. Vernors may still boast a more robust flavor than some of the other ginger ales on the market, but it’s not like the old Vernors I remember. The ginger flavor is weaker, the bubbles less powerful. And, of course, today it is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Vernors is still aged in oak barrels, but for only three years as compared to four years originally. I think it is sold only in cans today. The soda fountain version is a thing of the past.

Created by a Detroit pharmacist in 1866, for most of its history Vernors was available only in Michigan and nearby big cities such as Toledo, Cleveland and Buffalo as well as in Ontario, Canada. Today, thanks to the influence of Michigan retirees, Vernors is now available in Florida and Texas, too.

Owned by the Vernors family of Detroit for 100 years, the company that gave birth to America’s oldest surviving ginger ale was sold in 1966. It is now owned by Cadbury Schweppes.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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