$1 Ginger Snaps

Let me warn you, these little babies pack a punch! A look at the ingredients explains why. It’s gotta be the chili powder and red pepper. Actually, I did not notice the tingle (burn?) until after I’d completely swallowed the cookie. Okay, a little zing, but I liked them!

Family Dollar sells the 12-oz. bag for $1. That’s better than 14 oz. for $2.99 on the manufacturer’s website. My problem was finding them in stock at my local Family Dollar. (I did not find them at Dollar General.)

Stauffer’s, not to be confused with Stouffer’s, has been making “biscuits” or “snaps” for more than 140 years. Starting in York, Pennsylvania, the company’s first product was Animal Crackers, which were originally delivered door-to-door in a wheelbarrow.

With additional bakeries in New York and California, and producing 250 tons of cookies per day, Stauffer’s is now owned by the Japanese company Meiji.


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