Something Fishy Here


Two whole red snappers deep fried to perfection–my first supper on this visit to Costa Rica. The white rice and vegetables were fairly normal, but the fish with lime was delicious–as was the slice of fried plantain.


Too much fish for one lady! I left both heads, the tails and a whole lot in between.


Carlos had the chicken with mango sauce. The “flag” is a slice of plantain deep fried like a big potato chip.

We will be here eight more days, which means many more opportunities to sample the flavors of Costa Rica. While I’m having fun with the food, the real purpose of this trip is to assist in a mission project. Carlos’ son is providing free dental care and Carlos is helping as a translator. I’m involved in a sewing class for a group of women. Some in our group are conducting a Vacation Bible School and others are doing some home improvements projects for area residents.


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