Pineapple every day

Sweet ripe pineapple is served every morning at El Diria Hotel in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. (The limes are for squeezing onto slices of papaya, another staple on the breakfast menu).

If you’ve never grown a pineapple, it’s pretty easy in the right climate. Just save the “crown” from the top of a pineapple, plant it in the ground and wait–about a year. I have planted several, but none have grown much bigger than an orange before being killed by frost. This one is thriving next to the church we visited in Villa Real, Costa Rica. It was about ready to eat when we were there. Hope the “crown” was planted for next year’s treat.

This mini pineapple grows about the size of  a grapefruit. I do not know whether it is edible, but it sure is cute. Note the difference in the leaves of the “crown” compared to the one above. Also, the mini fruit forms at the top of a three-foot stalk. We found this one at the Blue River Resort.


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