Northern Spies

Anybody know where I can get some Northern Spies? And, I’m not talking about Arctic secret agents. I’m talking about apples.

Tart, but not as tart as Granny Smiths. More flavorful than Fuji or Gala. Never sweet like Golden Delicious. Never mealy like last year’s Red Delicious. I remember biting into these late autumn beauties, the juice running down the inside of my arm. Succulent, crisp, and (you guessed it) my all-time favorite apple. Talk about the perfect nippy flavor for pie and cobbler!

We used to get them in Michigan where I grew up decades ago. They were big as softballs, with light red speckled skin. I haven’t seen one, let alone tasted one in many years. Do you suppose my memory recalls them even better than they really were?


Northern Spies get two thumbs up from me.


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