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Rice is Nice


Living in Singapore for 4+ years and marrying a Latino 17 years ago, I’ve learned that no meal, including holiday meals, is complete without rice. In Singapore, it was rice with veggies. In Puerto Rico, it’s rice with beans (preferably pintos). In our home, sometimes we have rice with veggies AND beans! In any case, a good plateful of rice deserves (requires?) a generous application of pepper sauce–my December Flavor of the Month.

Let’s start with my favorite: Rice and Veggies. The recipe is never the same twice because it depends on what I have in the refrigerator. But, there’s no sense even thinking about making Rice and Veggies if I don’t have garlic and onion on hand. This is the version I made today:

INGREDIENTS (quantities depend on amount on hand):

Leftover rice
Green/red pepper
Frozen mixed vegetables
Scrambled Egg
Seasonings of your choice. Here were mine today: Chili Pepper, packet of seasoning from ramen noodle package (throw noodles in trash!), paprika, salt and pepper.

Garlic and Onion and SAUTE in some olive oil until onion is glossy.

More Chopping:
Cabbage, Kale, Carrots, Tomatoes, Peppers. Add to garlic and onions and stir-fry.

When veggies are cooked to your preference (barely done to overdone), add frozen mixed vegetables and cold rice, breaking it up and mixing with the veggies.

VEGANS can stop here. If you eat eggs, scramble two or three in a separate pan. When eggs are done, chop in small pieces and add to rice and veggies mixture. Of course, you carnivores can make this dish with chicken or beef if you like.

Season to taste, and serve with your favorite pepper sauce. My husband adds both pepper sauce and soy sauce, but I’m a pepper sauce gal. If I have them on hand, I top off this dish with roasted cashews.