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Just for fun

I found many images of watermelon online. Here are some that caught my eye today:

Children steal the show












¬†Watermelon Oreos? I’d like to hear from someone who has tried them!


Five reasons to eat watermelon


Before summer 2013 is history, enjoy a few more slices of watermelon. Here are five good reason to eat this vegetable (Yes it is a veggie. Think cucumbers.)

Watermelon is

1) Fat-free and low-calorie. (It’s a good diet food.)

2) High in fiber. (You know what that’s good for.)

3) A good source of potassium and Vitamins A and C. (To keep you healthy.)

4) A good source of antioxidants. (To fight inflammation.)

5) It tastes good! (The best reason of all.)

Mmm Watermelon

Tomorrow I will miss a family reunion where I imagine someone will bring watermelon. Thinking of all the good food my relatives will bring to this annual get-together, I thought it’s time to revive “Flavor of the Month.” Getting back to my blog after so many weeks of editing and publishing a book reminds me of how much I welcomed summer picnics after those long winter months of my childhood days in Michigan. And, for me, a picnic was not complete without a cold slice of of the red, white and green.

Eating watermelon at the dinner table at home was not the same as eating it outdoors with my cousins. For one thing, we couldn’t spit the seeds on the kitchen floor. Eating it outdoors invited spitting contests to see who could launch those little pear-shaped disks the farthest.

I always feared that the watermelon might not be fully ripe. I might just as well eat an overgrown cucumber as to eat a watermelon picked too early, and cucumber is my least favorite vegetable. (I’ve never been able to explain why I’m crazy about pickled cucumbers, but not the fresh ones.) I doubt that I’m alone on this one: I always saved the portion of watermelon closest to the center for the last–and sweetest–bite. Also, I always put salt on my watermelon (salted cantaloupe and apple, too.)

So, to all my cousins at the reunion tomorrow: Spit a few seeds for me!