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A Heck of a Hack of Potatoes

Funny thing happened while I was doing some research for my next Flavor of the Month post. The reason for THIS post is to help me remember it.

In the midst of browsing through “potato games,” a warning appeared on my computer screen to call Apple immediately because I had a virus (or viruses) that could potentially compromise my security. No matter what I did, the message would not go away, so I figured it was the real deal.

After 90 minutes of talking with computer whiz kids Steve, Dave, Mark and Aybhi (all from India or Pakistan), the problem is now resolved, and with no loss of data. Whew!

However, in my brief browsing through potato games, I could not believe how many are out there. Some of you who play computer games may know about them, but I didn’t. In any case, because I’m afraid that may have been the source of the virus that finally triggered the final warning message, I’m not ever playing around with potato games again.